found my dream horse with absolute conviction.

We are delighted that some of our clients allow us to publish the following translated comments together with pictures of their horses. Thank you very much for your trust!


S.G. with Bolero
For now just over 6 years, I am the proud owner of Bolero, he has developed magnificently. This season we participated in dressage competitions, patrol rides, and cross-country competitions (PREs can also jump .. And how ..). He always presents himself proudly with a clear head and a great will to win;-)
Enclosed is a photo, he is a lot brighter than when we purchased him ;-) luckily he loves long brushing sequences!
Thanks again for the great advice and the sale of Bolero.

Nuca III

J. M. P. with Nuca III
Nuca is a pretty and gentle mare, her owners' pride and joy. Her dressage and carriage work is admirable and we will also do some CSO with her as she is very apt on the obstacle course. On cross country rides she is very pleasant and safe but shows courage and often takes the lead. We are very happy with our purchase at Equiberique.


A. and C. O-U. with Solitario
I had been searching a PRE for more than two years. Then I found your page and was blown away just by the pictures and the description of "Solitario"!
A short time later we came to visit you. The service was perfect, you organized a room for us and made us feel most welcome!
We immediately looked at all the beautiful horses, but from the beginning I only wanted Soli.
Since "Friday the thirteenth January 2012" Soli is now with us. He has settled in very quickly and since the first day we have very much enjoyed this wonderful horse!


M. M. and Resmon
Here are some news about Resmon. He is very well, the picture shows him at his very first concours which he passed well. Shoeing is no problem anymore, I am convinced that I chose the


G. F-D. and Tango
I am honestly convinced that you have exceptional horses; and when the combination of horse and rider works well it's magic… We went on our first long cross country ride (17 km): he is marvellous. But I believe that he was as tired as our kids - a good shower and a nice bed of straw - his lower lip and his eyelids fell before I could wish him a good night's sleep.
Thanks again for making my dream come true.


N. and Taker
Your horses are superb. Taker listens very well and his gaits are superb. No problems whatsoever! We are

Dressage course

Dressage Lesson
Our expectations were more than exceeded. The dressage course that you gave Stefi was extraordinary and a real pleasure for us spectators as well.
The harmony that can be felt between humans and animals (horses, dogs and even chicken) is impressive. Not one loud word was heard the whole day which is rare in a stable.
We would like to thank you again for this course.


G.B. and Meloso
We bought Meloso just a few months ago and this wonderful horse just makes us happy. He can be willful at times, but he is also lively and intelligent and very quick to learn. He has


S. G. and Bolero
What started with a course with you ended with the purchase of Bolero.
Bolero is a great leisure and sporting partner, he does credit to his race, he is courageous, temparementvoll, (always has a clear head), playful, very smart, docile, and now and


L. Y. and Ebano
Almost 3.5 years have passed since I met Ebano at your stable.
He lives in a large free-stable, is totally uncomplicated, cool and extremely fond of children. For a hearty praise he does almost everything! In addition to the trail riding we are working on the classical training


U. S. with Kefren
It is now a bit more than one year ago since I decided to buy my "Chaeferli" from you, now I want to give a little insight into his life. Kefren has evolved superbly. He grows up slowly but surely from a young horse to become a really beautiful and stately stallion. His sensitive nature allows me to always rely on him. If my health is not very well, he behaves when riding as if he didn't enjoy it either. When I am in top shape, however, he delights me with his constant energy, his temperament and his bold character.
Thanks to the good training from my riding instructor we have now started dressage tournaments with excellent placements.
I am glad every day that I can learn from him and look forward to many successful and happy years with this super horse.
Thank you for giving me this opportunity.


AK. B. with Orgulloso
Thanks to the support of affectionate and professional instructors, Orgulloso – bought at 3 years, 5 years ago - has become a great event horse.
Whether dressage (Level L – 2 wins in two starts), Pas de deux, jumping (3rd place), internal events (1st place), Gymkhana (needs some more work), double activation (genious) or doing circus lessons, Orgulloso is always very successful.
His eagerness is tremendous, which was most visible doing the circus lessons; unfortunately I wasn’t able to take pictures when he was offering the splits or headstand instead of the compliment…


2nd reference by P.O. after 4 years with Primero
When I bought Primero from you 4 years ago, I could not anticipate yet what a diamond you you relinquished to me.
I am very grateful to you and I believe that one has not often the chance to own such a horse. Primero has made big


M.-R. H. with Bodeguero
About a year ago I met and bought Bodeguero at your stable and I really want to tell you how much pleasure he brings to me and my daughter. He has a golden heart and an easygoing character. He is an absolute treasure with other horses and so well-bred that everybody admires him. We work on different aspects with him and it is astonishing how well Bodoguero adapts to each rider. With me he is rather serene and modest; with my daughter he is lively and shows fast reactions. And this suits us just fine. Thank you for having given us such judicious guidance in choosing our companion.

Imperial, Hosco and Faroles

Family L. with Imperial, Hosco and Faroles
Six years ago we bought our first own horse, the then four years old Imperial from you, and we were thrilled by our beautiful dream horse. After some initial difficulties due to our own insecurity and his stubbornness we have become a super team. Imperial has taught us a lot with his strong character, we wouldn't give him for the life of us! Two years later we decided to try our luck again and we bought 4 year old Hosco. With him we found a well-tempered, hard-working and absolutely reliable horse. Four months ago we spontaneously decided to buy our third (and for the moment last) horse, 9 years old Faroles. He is very affectionate and just a dream to ride. Everything works wonderfully. The three of them are very healthy and robust and are out on the pasture every day with two other geldings. We have never regretted our purchase and are more than happy with our three treasures. Many thanks to Christine and Claude for their great support and advice (also after the sale).


M. S. with Figaro
Figaro is a miraculous gelding, temperamental but easy to rein and very people oriented. He neighs every day when we come to the stable. He loves dressage in liberty, is also very reliable in cross country and works with pleasure in the dressage arena. Many thanks for this


F. P. with Rudolf in Canada
After 30 hours of trip and one week of quarantine, Rudolf finally found his new home in Canada. Since the first day, he took his marks and proved his extraordinary adaptability, including temperatures below -25 degrees and abundant snow. He possesses all physical qualities of his race and exceptional mental strength. At four years since his second exit, he took the head of the hike, place that he now occupies. Facing a new obstacle or a difficulty (and we have many of these here: Skidoo, sleighs, etc...) he takes a pause, thinks and continues. He will get used to the atmosphere of competitions on the dressage-arenas this spring. At the same time he begins to jump in liberty, his splendid strength gives hope to beautiful perspectives. Rudolf is the complete and balanced horse that I sought.
I could describe my outstanding experience purchasing Rudolf at length, but I will only mention one element that is for me the most important: Christine and Jean-Claude gave me all the time I needed, alone with Rudolf, without any pressure or constraint. So, I was able to make a well-informed choice, with the result of six months of happiness since the arrival of Rudolf in Canada and years of complicity and pleasure before us. A big thank you to Christine and Jean-Claude.

Discovering the andalusian horse V

Lessons: Discovering the andalusian horse V
Originally only standing in as a "substitute" participant, I drove home totally enthusiastically after 2 days. Not only the great horses were fascinating but also the calm and patience facing people and horses that Christine and Jean-Claude Ribstein kept in all situations. Their riding sensitivity and the great instructions opened my eyes to many mistakes, on which I now work diligently at home. The atmosphere in their stable was very pleasant and relaxed and one feels right away that the horses feel comfortable there as well. This was certainly not my last visit in Montreux-Jeune!


The Spanish horses like Glorioso are so intelligent and sensitive that whispering replaces shouting, and a rope is sufficient to communicate, the bit being reserved solely for the refinement in high dressage. < br > You sold me this horse who taught me so much and continues to teach me. I am more that happy of the decision of my heart. And I have the certainty that he thinks the same thing.


C. J. with Jamonero
We visited your stables in July 2006 together with friends who had bought a horse from you. We generally love painted horses but we had no intention to buy another horse at that moment. And of course, it happened! We absolutely fell in love with Jamonero, his magnificent looks, his exceptional character and his incomparable kindness!!! We have nothing but pleasure with him since he arrived at our home in Neuchâtel in Switzerland. He is only 4 years old but already flawless under the saddle, attentive to the rider and very brave on cross country rides; he is really level-headed. We wanted to thank you warmly for your reception, your kindness, your advice, as well as for the transport and customs clearance. We already know where to go the next time we feel the wish to buy a horse!!!


2nd reference by C.R. after 4 years with Brujo
I revisit your site from time to time to look at the superb horses. And quite a few times I was tempted to pass by and buy another one :-) Brujo is evolving every day. He is such a magnificent horse. I am more than happy because I can say that I have


2nd reference from S. S. after 5 years with Jadio
It is now 5 years since I came to visit you to find a horse that would suit me. Time flies by...
I wanted again to thank you for making it possible for me to meet this magical horse who makes me immensly happy every day. I was struck the first instant when I saw him. He was the most beautiful horse that I had ever seen. I will always remember the instant I saw him sticking his head out of his box, he was the horse of my dreams. When Jadio arrived he was still an infant, he was only 4 years old. Now he is a big proud and majestic boy.
We both took a little of time to get to know each other, full of questions and doubt at the beginning, because Jadio has as strong a character as me. We both needed to compromise to find our osmosis. We were both very young at the time, but this has not prevented the birth of a very strong relation between us two. Jadio is a very proud horse with a big heart, he has a huge respect for his rider and will give you the best if het feels repected in turn. He forgives my errors like a true teacher. He is a dream horse.
I thank you a thousand times for the joy that I feel every day going to


M.B. and Ambar
After a weekend course "Discovering the Iberian horse " I asked Christine and Jean-Claude to look for a suitable horse for me during their next tour in Spain. I could not give them, actually, a lot of requirements, except that I wanted a young horse with a flawless character. When I decided a few weeks later on my Ambar, I was sure from the first moment that he is perfect, although he was not yet 3 years old and absolutely raw at that time. Christine and Jean-Claude organized everything that was necessary: The vetting, all transport papers and the castration, so that I could fetch my treasure only a few days later. Meanwhile he is 4 years old and broken in. Ambar is so charming and honest, every day with him makes me perfectly happy. Not for love nor money would I give him again. Ambar is my absolute dream horse. Many thanks to Equiberique!

Don Bon Jovi

2nd reference after 5 years with Don Bon Jovi
A few years ago we bought Don Bon Jovi from you. Simply based on a photograph we came to your stable with our van and took this rascal home with us. He is doing very well and my mother takes great pleasure in him. (see also first reference further down on this page).


D. M. and Aitor
I discovered Aitor on the Equiberique homepage and knew right away: It's him and no other. I then bought him "blind" i.e. without seing him before. I asked Equiberique to arrange his castration and for a veterinary examination which was sent to me with the contract. Christine and Jean-Claude have taken care of everything wonderfully. They delivered Aitor to my doorstep. I have not regretted this purchase for a second and know that I have taken absolutely the right decision. Aitor is a dream horse - I love him above everything. I can really recommend "Equiberique" to all who would like to buy a Spanish horse. They are reliable and trustworthy.
Appendix: I want to thank Christine and her family with all my heart for this amazing horse. I have now had Aitor for more than two years and I have never regretted buying him at Equiberique. I can only recommend them wholeheartedly with my best wishes from Switzerland.


C. N. and Orador in Sweden
Orador XIX has now been with me for the last 9 months, and he really is my dream horse! He arrived after the long trip to Sweden in the worst blizzard of the year, but he settled in well in his new country.
He’s got excellent temperament, a great character and spirit, and is always willing to try new things. I ride him for an instructor every week and he shows great ability and willingness to learn new things. He always tries his best.
When I bought him from Equiberiqie he was already approved by Cria Caballar in Spain. Next year I am going to start competing with him in dressage and also get him approved for breeding in Sweden.
Christine organized all the documentation, vetting and transportation. I can therefore gladly recommend Equiberique to anyone thinking about buying a Spanish and Portuguese horse. Thank


C. and Pedernales
Pédernalès is very nice, full of goodwill and especially ...very clever. He learns much more quickly that my previous horse. The fact that he is a stallion frightened a bit before his arrival here, but these fears vanished quickly due to the kindness, peace and respect that Péder shows in his box, on the lunge or under the saddle. I am thrilled by this horse. He is as beautiful as I dreamed, as kind as my previous horse (and more comfortable!) and he impresses me every day by his intelligence... The two of us are well off to a long equestrian journey.


R.S. and Menorquin „Kender“
Kender has been with us for six months and his name fits him so well; he is a bright, curious and brave goblin! He feels at home with us in the Toggenburg region in Switzerland and he is working hard with a lot of motivation. We want to say a big thank you to Mrs Heimann and Mr Ribstein for their great effort in presenting us Kender and for their superb help with the vetting, transport and customs declaration.


E. and Barullo
When I flew over to see Barullo Christine was very helpful and considerate… She also arranged his vetting and my accomodation. After Barullo's purchase he stayed at Equiberique for a year and Christine took excellent care of him, even teaching him tricks such as Spanish walk and crossing his front legs. When he finally came to England, Christine arranged all the documentation and transport. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Thank you


J. S. and Afinado
Another happy client sent us this picture. J. S. has been the proud owner of this wonderful horse


A.W. / J. G. and Generoso
What to say, Generoso has exceeded all our expectations so far (after four weeks). He is absolutely well behaved and loyal, works well under the saddle and is at ease on the paddock with the gelding Esperado.


S. B. and Miron
I wanted to tell you how pleased I am with Miron. He's a real darling! I enjoy every day with him. He has no vices like biting or kicking but is always gentle. He has made good progress in

Discovering the andalusian horse IV

Lessons: Discovering the andalusian horse IV
Looking forward to finally ride an iberian horse but also with a lot of respect for stallions I began a two day dressage training with Mrs. Heimann and Mr. Ribstein. Thanks to their professional and motivating lessons and their well trained horses e.g. Apollo, Mimado and others it turned out to be a very positive experience. I can only recommend their dressage lessons as well as their suggestions for accomodation and restauration. I am already looking forward to my return..
Thanks for everything.
B. W F. and M. F.


P.O. and Primero
Primero and P.O. found each other at Equiberique. Six months later P.O. Sent us the following comment:
"I am very happy with such a marvellous and wonderful stallion as Primero

Discovering the andalusian horse III

Lessons: Discovering the andalusian horse III
We are very grateful for this wonderful day, we learned such a lot from Mrs Heimann and her horses. With great patience Christine, Amoroso and Muchacho 'carried us through the day'. We spent a very instructive (and cold) day discovering more and more about the iberian horses and horsemanship. Matilda and Julia from germany.

Lessons at Equiberique

Lessons at Equiberique
The two weeks that I had the pleasure to spend at Equiberique with my little horse Narsil have helped us to take a big step on our equestrian journey. We learned many new things and Christine's precise explanations helped me understand a lot that wasn't quite clear before. There was never a dull moment in Christine's lessons and she never overtaxed the horse, something very important for me. If course I had heard before that iberian horses are specially docile. Nevertheless my experiences with my first spanish horse which I found at Equiberique a year ago keep amazing me. Nardil and myself have enjoyed these lessons very much!

Discovering the andalusian horse I

Lessons: Discovering the andalusian horse I
We had the pleasure to ride the magnificently trained horses of Equiberique every day for a whole week. Christine's lessons helped us a great deal and were fun. With her incredible patience she explained us time and time again how to do something correctly. Her thorough theoretical explanations of the reactions of a horse to our riding aids helped us as much as her showing us how they work from all sides. Unfortunately our muscles didn't always follow our minds right away… but neither Christine nor the horses seemed to mind. Many thnaks to Christine and Jean-Claude for their hearty welcome and for the wonderful and instructive week that we could spend with you and your horses! We will definitely be back :-)
S. and I. from Germany

Lessons: Discovering the andalusian horse II

Lessons: Discovering the andalusian horse II
… a big thank you for wonderful day full of pure joy. Isabelle was very astonished by the great difference between the iberian and other horses. As for me, I'm more convinced than ever. Amoroso has conquered me, his sensibility has touched me, and I am looking forward tremedously to ride him again.
Many thanks again for your kind welcome.


C. W. and Dondé
Dondé, where is he, the horse of my dreams, this was my question. I found him, and the question "dondé esta" is answered by himself. I found him on this website and I knew from the start: this is it! Now Dondé has been with me for six months and I cannot imagine my life without him. Dondé is my little dream horse, he now has all the qualities that I always wanted: kind, affectionate, respectful, very intelligent, temperamental, decent but sometimes still a bit bold, just full of life. I'm very happy to have found Dondé and I enjoy every day with him. I thank the family Heimann-Ribstein for all their help, everything was perfectly organised, the castration as well as the transport.

Sylvia Loch with Harpa

Sylvia Loch with Harpa
We had the great pleasure to be able to help Sylvia Loch, the famous author and video producer, to choose two new horses. Sylvia is very competent and our friendship developed further during our stay at her equestrian center in Scotland when we delivered her two beautiful Lusitanos. The picture shows Jean-Claude, Sylvia, Christine and the mare Harpa that we delivered to Sylvia shortly before Easter.
All of Sylvia's books and videos on dressage can also be bought through us at Equiberique. Her dressage books are available in english and german, the cassettes in english only so far. Her lessons are easy to understand and well documented.


S. F. and Ninio
From our third outing with Ninio I could feel his potential, his pleasant changes of gait at one's fingertip, his character and his assurance that become more evident every day. Today, grooming and picking out his feet in liberty and adventurous outings with lots of fun are the order of the day.
I haven't found an inch of malice in this horse, even now in spring this hot stallion is alwyays correct and adorable.
Last but not least this little horse is a beauty, everyone keeps telling me that. Thank you, one can clearly feel that Ninio has had a good relationship with you, one of the reasons for his being so nice.


Diana and Bonito
I have seen many beautiful horses on Equiberique's website, and thanks to the newly offered hire purchase contract I could finally purchase my dream horse, an andalusian! (I have owned a warm blood gelding since he was a foal). Without that contract, this would have only been possible much later if ever. We got very good advice by Mrs. Heimann and Mr. Ribstein who spent a long time showing us several andalusian horses. Bonito (called Diplomado then) enchanted me from the start with his charm and his wonderful trot - "small is beautiful"!!! Since then, my "little stallion" has given me joy every day, he is a fast learner, likes to work and is my "dream horse". I am happy to have found him at the Heimann's family,


A. with Emissario in England
Emissario has amazed me by his courage and his calm during our first cross country rides a few days after his arrival. He is very kind with other horses, very curious and affectionate, everything I ever wanted. I felt confident with him right from the start. It's a pure pleasure to ride him! He is the pride and joy of the equestrian centre where I keep him, everybody is talking about his beauty and his good behaviour. I have an admiring public every time I ride him, it's a real attraction! Thank you very much for finding my dream horse for me!

Litho and Jacintha

C. and D. with Litho and Jacintha in England
We are very happy with the horses that we bought from Christine and Jean Claude stables. We were also very impressed with all the help we received before and after the sale. Wonderful horses, great service and we highly recommend them.


C. R. with Brujo
WOW! Brujo is a dream, in a few days he masters everything that I teach him, as if he had never done anything else. He is a natural worker and loves to undertake new challenges. On cross country rides, Brujo is extremely calm, he's afraid of nothing and bravely passes every obstacle , despite his young age of 3 1/2 years. He is a joy to take care of and he loves his daily grooming and cuddle. I am very happy to have found this wonderful horse. Brujo's purchase, his castration and his transport to Switzerland were all perfectly organised by Mrs Heimann and Mr Ribstein, I recommend them to everybody.


Mrs L. with Churumbel
A wonderful, intelligent and gentle horse. Just broken in when he arrived, I can ride him in all three gaits indoors or outside, after just two months of work. We trained him by voice, he's a real pleasure and is being admired by everybody.


C. Z. and Marialva (shown by Bent Branderup)
This horse seen here with Bent Branderup was also sold by Jean-

Jessica and Cora

Jessica and the andalusian mare Cora
After some considerable problems in the beginning, the two have become an inseparable team stopping at almost nothing. Cora's character is sensational. She has adapted very well, sharing her stable with two hares and a small arabian horse. … Thank you very much for your consulting and all your efforts.

Campanero and Perregrino

Familiy D.F. with Campanero and Perregrino
At Mrs Heimann we have finally found the horses of our dreams. After solving some minor initial problems, we are now very happy to have Campanero and Perregrino with us. They are really two special horses, they give us a lot of joy and many laughs! We thank the Heimanns for their patience and for all the time spent answering all our questions. We recommend them to all future clients.


S. S. about Jadio
"I wanted to thank you again for your kindness. Jadio is this rare pearl of a horse that I had been waiting for; brave, gentle, attached, lively but easy to handle. A horse to fall in love with. Thanks a million."


Family L. with Imperial
"Imperial is a dream come true! Quite inexperienced and dazzled by his impressive looks we fell in love with this five year old andalusian stallion and cast away all necessary precautions before such a purchase. But we have had no regretst at all! Imperial likes people a lot, is very calm and an ideal leisure horse for us. Thanks to the excellent equstrian knowledge of Mr Ribstein and the sensitive advice of Mrs Heimann we now have a new family member. We recommend Equiberique with no restriction and we thank them for their time spent with us and their patience."
Addition 2007:"It was one of our best decisions to buy our own horses. They both give us so much


Championne de France 2001


F. T. with Bonita
"With Bonita we have found a super horse at your stable. I love her direct and sensitive personality, her fidelity and her absolute trust in me as much as her readiness to always give her best when working with me. I thank you and Jean-Claude for always having time

Favory Valencia

Favory Valencia, a Lipizzan gelding sold by EQUIBERIQUE was featured in an article of "Pferde Heute". The happy owners sent us a copy.


E. M. about Bandi (Bandolero)
We love our 4 legged family member with all our heart and we are very happy to have found him at your stables. He is a very fine character and we have a lot of joy with him. It rarely happens that we want to call him "Bandit" instead of "Bandi", e.g. when he is terrified of a green ballot of hay (but then we need a bit of suspence once in a while ;-)) (The photo shows Bandolero mounted by J.-C. Ribstein)

Don Bon Jovi

A. und A. M. with Don Bon Jovi
“With ‘Don Bon Jovi’ Mrs Heimann fulfilled a dream for us. This cheeky beauty from Spain has lot’s of temperament, is ‘a rocket under the saddle’, is easy to to ride and safe in cross country hacks, a real pal. We are never bored with him, he always keeps us on edge. Thank you for your excellent advice, for a customs clearance without a hitch, and last but not least for finding the desired horse for my mum.

Dressage lessons

M. S. about dressage lessons
We usually take leisurly rides, my Palomino and I, but we always look forward to our dressage lessons with Christine and Jean-Claude. My twelve year old gelding thrives when he is trying to excel at all the tricks: Spanish walk, rearing, compliment, Salut de la Reine, yes or no, he even lies down when the ground looks inviting enough. But what my Palomino friend and I like best with Jean-Claude and Christine is their calm and caring way of dealing with all the horses regardless of their breed. Thanks to both of you!

El Fuego

Mr. R.J. from Gruyère (Switzerland)
"El Fuego, a dream horse bought from Ch. Heimann. With lots of temperament, he is fast, obedient, well trained, always ready and curious to learn and to share new experiences. He has a great and lovely affection for people in his close vicinity. These are the fine qualities of El Fuego."