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Creator of Equiberique, Christine Grass has been passioned by horses since her early childhood. Raised in a relatively modest family who did not shared her passion for horses, she had to find her way to learn to ride by offering her services at the stables in exchange for riding lessons. Mainly self-taught, Christine improves her skills years after years, riding all types of horses. At the age of 27, she can afford to purchase her first horse : Résille, a haflinger mare. At 30 years old, she starts to perform in shows with a tiny Camargue horse and introduces herself to Cossack acrobatics. At the same time she has the opportunity to take care of a Lusitanian horse perfectly trained so she can progress in High Levels. After a course at Hasta Luego's, she buys herself her first Lusitanian, a beautiful grey stalion : Héroï. With him, things are going faster and the possibilites are becoming wider : acrobatics but also dressage in liberty and High Levels. Christine attends courses with different famous professionals and keeps learning with readings. The duo takes part to numerous equestrian events around the region during several years. Her progression with this exceptional horse gives her the will to train other horses and this is how she starts her career in the horse business. At the age of 36, she sets her stable up and starts her import and sales business. From a small piece of meadow with a tiny stable came out the current estate where Christine keeps running the stables with her daughter Vanessa.


Immersed in the fascinating universe of horses from her younger age, Vanessa shares her mother's passion. Chistine's business run from home gave Vanessa the opportunity to learn with these exceptional horses.

At the age of 24 she buys her first personal horse : a Lusitanian. With him she will attend many courses and she will discover various disciplines, such as the art of garrocha and working equitation.

On the professional side, she first choses a different career, she will be a school teacher for 12 years before finally deciding to take the family stable over.

In 2017 she attends a one year course at Mr Carlos Perreira's, to enlarge her knowledge in traditional Portuguese equestrian arts.

In 2018 and 2019 she attends many courses in France and Portugual to go into classical dressage and working equitation in depth. 

From the end of 2018, she slowly takes the reins of Equiberique, under the caring supervision of her mum.

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