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Our Stable

Our first aim is to make horses feel comforable ! Our stable is spacious, bright and ventilated. It is equiped to welcome stallions and at Equiberique's, all horses get out every day and all horses get to the meadow in summer time. The litter box is made with wood pellet (which turns into sawdust when being walked on by the horse). The school ground is made with a mix of sand and rubber fiber that guarantees the ground to be soft and firm at the same time. The outdoor school's ground is a white sand. 

Our second worry is to welcome riders well. A clubhouse, a bathroom and a private saddlery is at their service.



Our stable was born in 1998. At that time there only was a little grass meadow, with a small outdoor school and a shelter with 3 boxes.

A home was built not long after and the original stable was transformed and enlarged to 9 boxes, 7 stalls and 1 paddock allowing the beginning of the horses sales' business.

In 2002 the building of the current stable began. The following years were dedicated to the layout of the building : installation of the boxes, the saddlery, the office, the clubhouse, the outdoor paddocks and the lunging ring.

For two decades the two stables remained occupied by horses for sale while in training, mainly stallions.

In 2012 after new needs the stable starts horse boarding. The stallions' paddock turns into an outdoor school and the original stable is teared down.

Slowly the sales' stable becomes a horse boarding center completed by training for both horses and riders. The sales' business keeps running though.



Below an overview of our facilites that include : 

One stable with 20 boxes of 3,20x3,50m each

One indoor school 30x15m with rows of seats

One outdoor school 18x50m

On lunging ring 13m diameter

One free stall 15x6m

One saddlery

One shower area

One grooming area

One clubhouse - bathroom

One stallions meadow

Several pastures for a total of 4-5 hectares

One car park

One cottage for riders or interns

One area for hay and machines storage

One silo for wood pellet (boxes litter)

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