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Through our association "Equiberique Events" we take part in various equestrian events and hold a cabaret show in our stable every 2 years.

You'll find here an image sum-up of our highlights and the program of events to come.


Horse week

Saignelégier - Switzerland
August 8th 2019

A wonderful day in Switzerland on the occasion of the horse week.

Show of 3 acts (Las Garrochas, Spanish way and Mini Steps) alongside with the Libertad group.


Magic and equestrian arts

May 29th and 30th 2019

2nd edition of a Cabaret Show hosted in Equiberique's stable.

With special guests : Paul de Oliveira and his cows, Hélène de Vallombreuse and her parrot, Caroline Spaety and her horses,

and Gérald Garnache, the magician.

Affiche A32.jpg

Equestrian show

May 31st 2017

1st edition of Cabaret Show Equiberique's stable.

With Les Comtois en Folies, Vincent Liberator and Paul de Oliveira.

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